RF Safe Cell Phone Radiation Protection

RF Safe® Mobile QuantaCase®

When the physics of a how a phone opperates says a phone case shouldn’t have metal loops and detachable magnets because the phone’s software responds by increasing power when obstructed, then it shouldn’t have them. The design of QuantaCase is guided by what is harmful or not, not by what sells best. At RF Safe we stick to the laws of physics, even if it limits our appeal because we refuse to compromise your safety.


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Features of QuantaCase®


RF Safe® microwave radiation shielding material is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation (5G, Wi-Fi, EMF, etc.) away from your body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded.

RFID Blocking Wallet

The built-in card slot provides RFID theft protection for a credit card, room key, or any RFID remote access card while the phone case is closed.

Protective Cases

QuantaCase® protects from cracks, dings, and scratches to keep your phone looking and performing like new.

Adjustable Angle Stand

Easily convert your QuantaCase® into a stand for watching videos.

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