iPhone 14 Plus RFS1 Anti-Radiation Case

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The QuantaCase® incorporates world-renown RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology, which has been lab-tested to show electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, is reflected via conductive shielding fabrics in the front cover.  In addition, the QuantaCase has an exposed RF Safe® notch where an inexpensive Ohm meter can be used to test the conductivity of the microwave barrier between your body and device!  Unlike most products that require expensive microwave meters to verify what is inside, the highly conductive RF Safe® shielding fabric inside the QuantaCase® is accessible for easy conductivity testing.


So much more than just a phone case.  The RF Safe® QuantaCase® contains lab-tested microwave RF shielding technology that can reflect a wide range of radio frequencies from your mobile.  This includes 5G, Wi-Fi, and cellular, all high-frequency microwave cell phone radiation bands.  It also contains a built-in RFID-blocking wallet and turns into a phone viewing stand, all in one lightweight and convenient case.

Anti-Radiation — RF Safe® microwave radiation shielding material is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation (5G, Wi-Fi, EMF, etc.) away from your body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded.

RFID Blocking Wallet — The built-in card slot provides RFID theft protection for a credit card, room key, or any RFID remote access card while the phone case is closed.

Protective Cases — QuantaCase® protects from cracks, dings, and scratches to keep your phone looking and performing like new.

Adjustable Angle Stand — Easily convert your QuantaCase® into a stand for watching videos.


Close the radiation shielding front flap after taking/making a phone call and speak as you usually would.  The microphone and speaker are fully functional for private calls; however, it is highly recommended to use the speaker phone option wherever possible.  Distance is always your best friend when it comes to EMF exposure.

When storing in your pocket, face the front flap towards your body to deflect the most intense line of sight radiation away from your body.
When texting, the flap can be folded behind the phone to shield the back of the device while held in your hand for texting.  The front of the device is typically at a “safe” distance from the body under this condition.


 <h2>RF Safe® iPhone 14 Plus QuantaCase™ RFS1 Black: Your Ultimate Protective Companion</h2>

<p>The RF Safe® iPhone 14 Plus QuantaCase™ RFS1 Black is specially designed for those keen on minimizing radiation exposure from their iPhone 14 Plus. With the incorporation of the globally acclaimed RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology, the QuantaCase™ RFS1 has proven through lab tests that electromagnetic radiation, encompassing 5G frequencies, gets deflected via the conductive shielding fabrics integrated into the front cover. This innovative tech not only guards the user from radiation (including 5G, Wi-Fi, and EMF) but also ensures uninterrupted communication by letting signals penetrate and leave from the back of the phone.</p>

<p>Furthermore, the QuantaCase™ RFS1 offers a built-in RFID-blocking wallet, safeguarding your credit cards and other RFID cards. This makes it an ideal choice for those constantly on the move. The case also doubles as an adjustable angle stand for convenient video watching and internet surfing. A unique feature is the RF Safe® notch, facilitating the use of an affordable Ohm meter to gauge the conductivity of the microwave barrier, ensuring you’re always under optimal protection.</p>

<p><strong>Key Features:</strong></p>
<li>RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology to deflect radiation</li>
<li>RFID-blocking wallet for card safety</li>
<li>Adjustable angle stand for media viewing</li>
<li>RF Safe® notch for conductivity testing</li>
<li>Dual-layer design for phone protection</li>

<p>Using the QuantaCase™ RFS1 is hassle-free. After making or receiving a call, simply shut the radiation-shielding front flap and proceed with your conversation. Although the microphone and speaker support private calls, opting for the speakerphone mode is recommended for additional safety. Remember, maintaining distance is paramount when it comes to EMF exposure. When texting or storing in your pocket, ensure the flap faces your body, thus maximizing radiation deflection.</p>

<h2>Understanding The Shielding Mechanism</h2>

<p>The RF Safe QuantaCase™ RFS1 employs the conductive properties of materials to deflect phone radiation. Electromagnetic radiation consists of intertwined electric and magnetic fields. When exposed to an electric field, charge carriers within the conductor get affected, leading to what is known as the skin effect. Similarly, changing magnetic fields produce eddy currents in conductive substances, which in turn repel the applied magnetic fields, causing the radiation to reflect. This is termed as the shielding effect. The RF Safe QuantaCase™ RFS1 uses a special RF shielded fabric made from a blend of polyester filaments and micro-fine conductive threads, ensuring radiation is deflected away from the user.</p>

<h2>QuantaCase: More Than Just Shielding</h2>

<p>The essence of QuantaCase is not just about radiation shielding but holistic protection. Its built-in landscape view stand allows users to maintain a safe distance during data-heavy tasks like streaming. By following the recommended guidelines, users can maximize QuantaCase benefits and minimize radiation exposure during routine phone usage.</p>

<h2>Truthful Marketing with QuantaCase</h2>

<p><em>QuantaCase</em> prioritizes genuine and effective radiation protection over misleading claims. A case that claims 99% protection based solely on its shielding ability can be misleading. QuantaCase, with 25 years of design legacy, emphasizes practical radiation protection, enabling users to position the most shielded parts against intense radiation. This user-informed approach guarantees optimal protection. Apart from its core functionality, QuantaCase enhances phone utility, supports single-handed phone access, and is a beacon in the realm of phone accessories. It's a comprehensive protection package, symbolizing health prioritization without forsaking functionality or style. With <em>QuantaCase</em>, you shield not just your phone but yourself.</p>